Questions & Answers

General Information about Weddings in Florida

  • Fees

    All of the beaches are public property and you can marry at any location. There is no fee to marry on the beach. There is however, usually a fee to get into the state parks but not to set up on the beach. Some parks are free and some parks require fees and vary from park to park.

  • Pavilions

    Some beaches and parks have a pavilion if it is in a park and are on first come first serve and reservations are not accepted. 10’ by 10′ is the largest size tent/canopy allowed on the beach without a permit and must be removed by dusk.

  • Hours

    Any of our weddings may be held between 8:00 a.m. and sunset at the beach including the parks. Most parks operate 8:00 a.m. to sunset. Which means you have to be finished and the set up staff have to also be picked up, loaded and out of the park by closing. Late leaving could result in a fine.

  • Pets

    Pets are allowed in designated areas an on a short leash. They are never allowed on a beach.You are responsible for cleaning up after the pets. Service animals are welcome in all areas of the park.

  • Fire & Fireworks

    All fireworks including sparklers are prohibited on all beaches. Fire of any kind including lighting of tiki torches are prohibited on the beaches at all times.

  • Decorations

    Decorations is allowed on the beach with the exceptions of balloons and rice. Only live flower petals are to be used on the sand. All decorations including petals must be removed and cleared from the area upon departure.

    This is a general guide for weddings at a park in Panama City and Bay County area.

    This list is a general guide to the parks in our area. Calling the park you wish to use will give you more detailed information than what is listed here. For more information, visit

  • Alcoholic Beverages

    Prohibited in all parks at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Us

  • Can you recommend several good locations for my ceremony and reception?

    Yes we have a good list of locations that we have set up for weddings and would be happy to supply you a list along with a quote for your wedding. There are a number of restaurants that have rooms for receptions. Also check with your condo as many of them also have party rooms just off the beach.

  • What does Florida require for a marriage license?

    You must obtain a marriage license in the state of Florida. However, license may be obtained at any courthouse in Florida and does not have to be the county in which you desire to marry! For more information, visit or call (850) 747-5111.

    • Out of State and Country residents- NO WAITING PERIOD! (Florida residents –have a 3 day waiting period- unless premarital course obtained prior to application).
    • No blood test or physical, both parties must be 18 years or older and must be present with proper ID to sign the license.
    • If previously married, documentation showing state and date divorce was obtained will be required.
    • Marriage License is valid 60 days from date issued.
    • Marriage License is payable to courthouse where obtained in cash & all major credit cards. Please call the Florida courthouse where you plan to purchase your license and confirm acceptance of credit cards.
    • Marriage License must be presented to the officiant prior to start of the ceremony.
  • Do you know someone that can perform our wedding?

    Check with your family or friends coming to your wedding to see if someone is licensed to do your wedding. A family member or friend really makes it personal. If you need someone from here we can supply you with several that perform wonderful ceremonies.

  • Do you offer custom packages?

    We would be happy to see what you have in mind. If you could email the details and a photo if at all possible, we would take a look at it and see how we could make it happen.

  • Do you require a deposit for my wedding?

    We do require a 50% non refundable deposit and a signed contract when you reserve your wedding package, and guarantee your delivery. The non refundable balance is due one month before your wedding date. We accept online payments (via PayPal) Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express.